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Tiny Fish that Only Want to Kiss by Gary Indiana

$15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9912196-6-7 | 290pp | Paperback | December 2016

Distributed by Small Press Distribution

A college-age hustler working New York recounts a grisly affair. Two men observe the streets of a seedy neighborhood in Bucharest. A bored grocery store bagger finds a fleeting thrill as a bystander to bloodshed...

Fourteen stories and a short novel make up Tiny Fish that Only Want to Kiss by Gary Indiana. With peculiar compassion, the fictions in this book masterfully chronicle abject subcultures of contemporary times.


Praise for Gary Indiana

'A punchy array of ruminations that perfectly mirrors its title.'Kirkus Reviews

'Gary Indiana's new collection of short stories beguiles even as it wounds.'Village Voice

Gary Indiana in They Made New York. – NYT Magazine

"Ranked among the great American novelists." – the Paris Review

"A dark realist, a satirist...a cold transgressive eye on all that passes before a seemingly unlimited field of vision." – Lambda Literary 

"A matter-of-fact directness that pays the reader the compliment of being treated like a confidante." – Vulture 

"He may not be sweet, but he is never soulless." – ArtNews

"Gary Indiana delves into the minds of his creepy, appalling characters with such probing wit and lip-smacking glee that we actually enjoy our time with these amoral monsters." – John Waters


About the Author

Writer, filmmaker and visual artist, Gary Indiana has published over eighteen books, both fiction and nonfiction. Recently released titles include his long-awaited memoir I Can Give You Anything But Love (Rizzoli, 2015) and a second edition of his seventh novel, Do Everything in the Dark (Itna Press, 2015).